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Large Bronze Bear Statue Outdoor Decor Manufacturer BOK1-285

This large bronze bear sculpture outdoor set is the famous Group of Bears statue, created by artist Paul Manship. YouFine could reproduce the perfect set of bronze bear sculptures for you.
Item No: BOK1-285
Material: high-quality bronze material
Type: Bronze Animal Sculpture
Advantage: Factory Direct
Service: Customized Service
Insurance: Cover all the risks
Package: Strong Wooden Case

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Introduction of Bronze Bear Statue

The original group of bronze bear statues outdoor, titled Group of Bears, was commissioned by artist Paul Manship for the Bronx Zoo’s Paul J. Rainey Memorial Gateway. The three bears are in different forms, with a sculpture of a sitting bear on the left, a standing bear in the center, and a walking bear on the right. Unlike the other animal sculptures, this group has been simplified in form, and we could only capture the different features of the three bears in detail. The large bear statues are cast without much detail or surface decoration, and they have a very smooth finish. If you would like to have the most similar replica in the world, please contact YouFine to order.

bear statues outdoor -YouFine Sculpture

How to Make the Most Realistic Bronze Sculpture?

YouFine has extensive experience in casting bronze sculptures, and we specialize in bronze animal sculptures that are very realistic and vivid. The most important reason is that YouFine has very professional animal clay sculpture artists who come from top art schools in China and have more than ten years of experience in sculpting clay models. These artists carefully observe the living conditions and habits of real bears in zoos before casting the bronze bear sculptures. At the same time, they also study documentary and film depictions of bears in the wild to grasp the characteristics of the bears. Only in this way could the artists restore the essence of the sculptures through the clay molds to the greatest extent possible.

large bear statue -YouFine Sculpture

About the Installation of The Bronze Sculpture

Many customers are concerned about the installation of large bronze sculptures, but YouFine could provide a one-stop service for our customers. We would send you complete installation guidelines and drawings in advance, and usually, our sculptures are specially designed to be easy to install. First, you could choose to pre-bury the iron frame at the bottom of the sculpture into the concrete, which is a very strong installation. Secondly, if the site you are installing on does not allow for damage, we would install multiple perforated copper pieces at the bottom of the sculpture so that it could be firmly fixed to the ground. Finally, if you want to have a more beautiful installation, we also recommend using steel bars for fixing. The specific installation method would be chosen according to your actual needs. If you have questions, please feel free to contact us for assistance.

bear statue outdoor -YouFine Sculpture

Customized Services for Bronze Bear Statues

YouFine is a professional bronze sculpture supplier with a wide range of bronze bear statues. 39 years in the business, YouFine has been updating and designing new bronze sculptures, and we could provide full customization service for our customers. On the one hand, you could choose the variety, size, and material of the bear sculpture, and YouFine’s factory could meet your needs. Our professional designers would design drawings for you at any time. On the other hand, we have cooperated with many internationally renowned sculpture artists, so if you have a favorite piece, YouFine would cast the most perfect replica for you. In short, we believe you could find the most suitable bronze sculpture for you at YouFine.

large animal statues for garden -YouFine Sculpture

YouFine’s bronze sculptures are of high quality and beautifully crafted. If you want to have a collectible sculpture, YouFine is the best choice for you.


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