(1)life size bronze casting bear statue for our client Mr. Bill, the height:90 cm, Length:106 cm.


(2)This bronze rearing horse sculpture is for Mr Penny from South Africa. The height of the bronze horse sculpture is 255 cm. Weight:450 Kg


(3)Customized Bronze Dog Sculpture by You Fine Sculpture for our Australia friends. Let’s hear the true comment from our guests.


(4)  Large Bronze Racing Horse and Knight Statue for our clients.  We make it according to the customer’s size requirements.


(5) Bronze Mother and Child Bear Statue for our customers. You Fine has highly talented masters and clay model masters who could provide us with vivid bronze sculptures.


(6)YouFine art gallery have many metal art sculptures in stock on discount for Christmas. around 3000+ designs, for example , all kinds of wildlife sculpture ,like bronze horse, lion, deer, dog, cats, eagle…etc, also female,male sculptures, angel sculptures.indoor bronze fountain…
if you want to buy a bronze sculpture as the gift for your family or your friend. pls contact us.


(7)The World Famous Wall Street 2.8m Bronze Bull Statue. Wall Street bull is a symbol of “strength and courage”, metaphor as long as the copper bull in the stock market will be able to forever “cattle” city.

 Leave your message below, we will make a perfect video for your own animals sculpture!
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