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(1)life size bronze casting bear statue for our client Mr. Bill, the height:90cm, Length:106cm.

(2)This bronze rearing horse sculpture is for Mr Penny from South Africa.The height of the bronze horse sculpture is 255 cm. Weight:450 Kg

Customized Bronze angel Sculpture by You Fine Sculpture, could provide best bronze statue,animals,fountains and other sculpture.


(4)this group of custom bronze army three soldiers statues just be done in our foundry, this bronze army three soldiers is of a famous memorial for commemorate the soldiers who died in the battle.

(5)200cm tall famous “The World Is Yours” statue
Highlighted in arguably the most iconic final scene in 80s movie history, our “World is Yours” paperweight is inspired by the famous water fountain statue found in the 1980s cult classic flick. Paperweight features globe being held by three women, with the words “The World Is Yours”. Officially licensed Scarface merchandise.

(6)YouFine art gallery have many metal art sculptures in stock on discount for Christmas. around 3000+ designs, for example , all kinds of wildlife sculpture ,like bronze horse, lion, deer, dog, cats, eagle…etc, also female,male sculptures, angel sculptures.indoor bronze fountain…
if you want to buy a bronze sculpture as the gift for your family or your friend. pls contact us. https://www.animalssculpture.com/

(7)This 8 Feet Self Made Man Sculpture Replica for Mr Lin from USA,he will place the self made man statue in his garden. we have made many different size , like 18”, 24 ” , 6 feet, 8 feet…we also accept any customized size. as we all known, the self made man is famous sculpture. many bosses of our clients from the world bought the strong man sculpture to encourage yourself and your employees.

(8)The World Famous Wall Street 2.8m Bronze Bull Statue.Wall Street bull is a symbol of “strength and courage”, metaphor as long as the copper bull in the stock market will be able to forever “cattle” city.

(9)Custom Airmen Soldier Statues Monument Military sculptures for New York Museum

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