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Established in 1983, YouFine boasts extensive expertise in crafting exquisite animal sculptures. Our dedication to excellence has earned us a global reputation for delivering premium bronze and stainless steel sculptures, tailored to diverse designs, to clients worldwide.

Our Mission

As a distinguished animal sculpture foundry hailing from China, our mission transcends mere craftsmanship. At our core lies a profound dedication to transforming dreams into tangible beauty, enriching the world with our creations. With unwavering commitment, we pledge to bring to life every customer's envisioned animal sculpture, infusing passion and precision into each masterpiece. Our purpose is clear: to make the world more beautiful by realizing the artistic visions of our cherished clientele.

Our Director

As the director and artist of YouFine Sculpture, Dora has been involved in the field of sculpture for 15 years. After graduating, she entered the art industry and joined a renowned art company, specializing in the creation of sculpture artworks. After years of learning and growth, Dora established her own brand, YouFine, in the sculpture industry. Under her guidance, YouFine became known for innovation and creativity.

Our Quality

YouFine has been the world's leading supplier of sculptures. Since its establishment in 1983, YouFine has accumulated 40 years of expertise in animal sculpture casting, casting each bronze animal sculpture using the traditional lost wax method and unswervingly insisting on using high-quality materials. We firmly believe that our sculptures are of the highest quality and will stand the test of time and become long-lasting companions in your artistic career.

Our Service

With a team of professional designers skilled in creating CAD and 3D drawings, we understand that each client has unique preferences and requirements. Be it colours, designs, materials or sizes, we offer a wide range of options. Our quality control team carefully monitors every step of the production process to ensure each sculpture meets the highest standards. Additionally, with four decades of industry experience, we are able to provide professional installation guidance.

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