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Clay Mould

As we all know, a vivid clay model is the basic of a subtle high quality bronze casting statues.

Clay model could capture in exquisite detail exactly what you want and how you want it, could make the casting bronze statues.

There are the best clay model master at You Fine Art Sculpture, who are focus on their fields for a lifetime. They have rich experience of clay model making and has a vast knowledge of animal anatomy and the structure of animal


Top master Mr. Lv, who are focus on the clay model of wildlife statues

Wildlife animal clay model master

Sculptor Mr. Jin ,who are focus on the clay model of figure statues for 22years


Clay model of wildlife statues Top master of Mr.Liu, who are focus on clay model of lion statues

Lion Clay model master

More works:

Clay model of lion statues

Top master Mr. Yu, who are focus on the clay model of horse statues

Horse clay model masters

More works:

Clay model of horse statues Clay model of horse statue

More clay model works:

Clay model of dog man


Clay model or horse head


clay mold

Clay Mold of Different Animals

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