where to buy a custom made sculpture of a life size real person and how much?

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This custom made sculpture of bronze soldier sculpture was made for a Russian client, which is to commemorate the frontier guards. We know this sculpture was very important to clients, so our masters pay more attention and energy to the clay model, to make sure the final bronze effect is perfect. As we expected, clients are very satisfied with our masters’ work and efforts when sculpture arrive the construction site.

   if you choose the Marble life size statue ,the cost may be USD 1500 ~ USD 2500,the price of bronze sculpture may be USD 1800– USD 2800;According to your special needs, the price is different. We accept any custom made sculpture.and we help many client to fulfill his dreams and ideas.

Custom-made bronze- military life size solidand-dog statues from photo

YouFine Art Foundry focus on custom statues since 1983, and located in Quyang  City ,”The Town of Sculpture in China”. Just 3 Steps:Give Us Enough Photos—Make clay mold of the design you give us–Finished it by high quality bronze.

(1)custom famous sculpture replica

This is a custom bronze reproduction of a museum statue of Neptune which a customer in USA has commissioned.the Neptune is a famous sculpture in the world.

where to buy a custom made sculpture of a life size real person and how much

(2)how much of a custom bust sculpture of yourself?  around 2100USD in bronze.

different size,material and design, different price. 

this custom bust sculpture is  the hotel king Josef Durrer  founder with high comment from our customer.

how much of a custom bust staue of yourself


(3)where to buy a custom statue from photo? and how much of a custom statue of  a life size real person? let YouFine give you a guide.

This family sculptures is for our client Jim from USA, All family are standing on the global.

where to buy a custom statue from photo


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