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Custom Serive

Have you ever wished to have your own bespoke bronze animal statues?

If your answer is yes, congratulation, your dream would be come true!


You Fine Art Gallery accept different kinds of customized bronze statues, including:

1. Custom-make original of famous bronze sculpture

2. Adjusting size to more larger or smaller

3. Customize bronze sculpture from a photo etc.


Custom-make original of famous bronze sculpture:

Customized wall street bull bronze statues


This is the reproduction of wall street bull bronze also named charging bull, located in the Financial District in Manhattan, New York City. A customer in Australian has commissioned. The below sequence of pictures begins with a picture of the original sculpture as displayed in the wall street, followed by the clay model we sculpted from scratch, and the final lost wax bronze casting with brown patina as chosen by the customer.




Adjusting the size of bronze animal statues:

Customized bronze bear statues


The original Length of this bear bronze statue is 3.6m, we adjust the length to 2.3m for our English clients



Customize bronze sculpture from a photo:

 Customized bronze statues from a photo


Have you wished you could have a bronze statue from a photo you want to memorize?

If you wish, sent the photo to us. We are grateful to create high quality art and memories that last a lifetime.




Basic Timeline For Your Custom Bronze animal Sculpture:


1. You supply us with several photographs with dimensions

2. Once we agree on a photo to base the design on, we will begin to make the clay mold

3. As the mold is being made, we are in constant contact with you showing the progress

4. Changes and alterations are made to the mold. The mold will only be casted after your approval

5. The sculpture is cast in bronze

6. Patina and a protective wax coating are hand-applied

7. We Deliver, You Enjoy!




Customize made bronze statue of lion:

Customize made bronze lion statues


More details of the lion statue:

More details of bronze lion statues



Customize bronze statue of horse:

customize made bronze horse statues



Customize bronze statue of stag:

Bespoke bronze stag statues



Customize bronze statue of lion head statue:

Customized bronze horse head statues


Still Water bronze horse statue is a 2011 outdoor bronze sculpture of a horse’s head by Nic Fiddian-Green, located at Marble Arch in London, United Kingdom.

The original size is 33 feet(10m), we adjust the size to 2.6m for our English clients



There are no limits on what we can do. From Two to Twenty Feet (and more), we have the ability and know-how to design the most incredible bronze art.


You Fine Art Gallery are focus on casting famous animal sculpture replica, undertake the bronze animal statues projects for theme park, backyard decor, farm, which have made a lasting impression on our clients from all over the world!


Contact us now to know more!


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