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Life Size Bronze Rearing Horse sculpture Horse Statue Foundry

Made of 100% pure bronze (lost wax)
Finish: Bronze
Height: Life size (100 ” tall)
Weight: 1000 lbs (454 kg)

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Life Size Bronze Rearing Horse sculpture is for our client who are from Sweden,the Horse Statue is placed in public park. our client is a famous painter artist, and he painted the horse sculpture by himself.the height of the life size horse statue is 100” tall,

The two hind legs of the horse, which balances its powerful volume, are the only support for this large animal body. The horse tilted to the air and tilted its head to the left, making the space around him vibrant. Our sculptors further demonstrated the vitality of the animal through the open mouth, the open nostrils and the protruding veins of the abdomen. The horse had no shoes to indicate that it was a stallion reserved for the stables.




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