Famous Metal Sculptor Fernando Botero Sculptures Statues Replicas for sale

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This Fernando Botero Sculptures Statues Replica is black color in gloss,Size of Fernando Botero Sculptures is length:115 cm,width:80 cm, and height is 175 cm tall.

Style of Fernando Botero Sculptures

Today, Botero is considered one of the most successful and wealthiest contemporary artists, but in the early days of his life, this seemed a far-fetched fantasy. However, born in just a few days (born April 19, 1932), Potro is now arguably the most influential Latin American artist in the world. In his childhood, Medellinundefineds journey to this top spot was unclear. During his humble upbringing, there was no room for artistic education-his father, a salesman on horseback, had died, and Fernando was only four years old. Left behind by his seamstress mother and two brothers of orphans-the only influence he received came from the numerous Baroque churches around Medell í n.

Famous Metal Sculptor Fernando Botero Sculptures Statues Replicas for sale

Artists are attracted to some form without knowing why. You take a position intuitively; only later will you try to rationalize or even justify it.

outdoor Metal Sculptor Fernando Botero Sculptures Statues Replica for sale

Given that the rich forms of fernando botero undefineds art are all about volume and space, it is not surprising that the artist will eventually look for new areas in the field of sculpture. The first sculpture experiment was in New York when he was in his early 30s. His first attempt was made of acrylic resin and sawdust, a poor man who replaced a bronze medal he could not afford.

Botero Statue sculptures for sale

When his fame disillusioned, the bronze medal returned, and financial restrictions no longer restricted the artistundefineds artistic creation. Although sculptures are only a small part of Boteroundefineds work today, they may be one of his most important works, and they are the ones that really gave him the international popularity he enjoys today. His sculptures spread all over the world and often appeared in public places, and even a non-art-oriented public could raise his profile.

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