Custom Bust Statue 3 feet Bronze Abraham Lincoln bust for Sale

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the height of the famous Bronze Abraham Lincoln bust is 3 feet tall, and the right is our was model of Lincoln bust at first , then we use the advanced Los-wax casting tech, we made the bronze Lincoln bust .YouFine Accept any custom made sculpture ,and custom made bust from photo,and custom famous figures bust replica.


Most of our products are customized according to different request. And we also made many celebrities’ bust statues.
It’s a calculation we haven’t made before.
Do you want to know about our production capability? Cause we have so many sculptures to make each month, except human statue, we also make animal or other statues.
And as a professional sculpture factory, we have rich experience in this field. We have made Lincoln, ex-president of UK, Einstein, Norbel, Chaplin, Mandela
Benjamin Franklin, Kennedy, Ghandi,Martin Luther King Jr. Statue, and many other celebrities statue.The most known and used process for making “lost wax” involves pouring of molten bronze. Abraham Lincoln bust is the same method used by the ancient civilizations to create bronze sculptures. Our lost wax Decorcative Bust Sculptures (for home) are produced in this same technique.


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