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What is the difference between bison and buffalo?

As a professional bronze sculpture casting factory, we have had many interesting things in the process of cooperating with customers. Due to the problem of the names of bison and buffalo, we created some small troubles in the process of making our sculptures. People often can’t distinguish the difference between buffalo and bison, so when they send us an inquiry, they will have some misunderstandings. Today, we will talk about the difference between bison and buffalo.

the difference between bison and buffalo


Why is it confused?

Many people often use bison and buffalo together, but these are actually two concepts, not the same creature. The “real” buffalo is native to Africa and Asia. Bison is distributed in North America and Europe. Both bison and buffalo belong to the bovid family, but the two are not closely related. Why are the names mixed up like this?

the difference between bison and buffalo


Historians believe that the early European explorers should be blamed, although the details are somewhat vague. According to the National Park Service, it may be derived from the French word boeuf, which means beef. Others think that bison leather is similar to the light yellow coat commonly used by soldiers at the time, hence the name. In any case, these two concepts are confused by people.

the difference between bison and buffalo



How to distinguish between buffalo and bison?

  1. Buffalo will not roam in the western United States. Instead, they are native to South Asia (buffalo) and Africa (buffalo horns), while bison are found in parts of North America and Europe. Generally, it can be distinguished by region.

the difference between bison and buffalo


  1. The bison has a big hump on its shoulder, and its head is larger than that of a buffalo. They also have beards and thick coats that fall off in spring and early summer. The buffalo did not. The hump allows the bison’s head to be used as a plow to remove snow in the winter.

the difference between bison and buffalo


  1. Another easy way to distinguish bison from bison is to observe its horns. Buffalo horns are similar to handlebar whiskers; they have a thick helmet-like base that curls downwards and then upwards. The horns of the buffalo are large and long, curved into a crescent shape. Some have reached more than 6 feet with a very obvious arc. The horns of bison are usually shorter and sharper than those of ordinary buffalo.

the difference between bison and buffalo


  1. Also, you can check whether there is a beard. The bison is the hipster of these two animals, with a thick beard. Buffalo has no beard.

the difference between bison and buffalo



As a professional bronze sculpture making factory, we have artists who specialize in making animal sculptures. In order to produce the most realistic sculptures, our artist built a farm to raise animals. For bison and buffalo, our artist also has in-depth research. Therefore, we guarantee that we will produce the most accurate and lifelike bull sculpture for you.


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