Top 8 Bronze Statues of the World’s Most Endangered Animal

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In conjunction with International Endangered Species Day, Singapore’s Gardens by the Bay will display 45 global sculptures of endangered species from Friday. The public can not only touch these lifelike sculptures up close, interact with them through technology and learn about the threats facing species, thereby raising awareness about protecting wildlife.

Australian artist husband and wife team Marc Schattner, 61, and Gillie Schattner, 57, spent five years creating this public art installation, which is 192 meters long. This sculpture consists of 62 sculptures of endangered animals, distributed in multiple locations in the Gardens by the Bay, including giant sculptures of mountain gorillas, Australian hairy-nosed wombats and northern white rhinos.

Next, I will focus on introducing you to 8 bronze sculptures of endangered wildlife. I hope you will gain something from them.


bronze wildlife statues

 1.Bronze Koala Statue

The concern about the endangered koala has a lot to do with its “people-friendly” nature. Koalas have a teddy bear-like face, innocent eyes and an unusually docile temperament. As an arboreal animal, koalas are also known as “koalas”. Every move they make is full of joy and has attracted countless fans.

In 1930, Australia declared koalas to be protected animals in all states. Since then, the number of koalas has rebounded to 430,000 by 1990. However, deforestation, urban development, road construction and other large-scale habitat destruction, koalas once again encountered bad luck.

bronze koala statue

2.Bronze Grevy’s Zebra Statue

The black and white stripes of zebras can interfere with the sight of natural enemies in sunlight and moonlight, so people were inspired by them and painted patterns similar to zebra stripes on chariots to interfere with enemy troops.

Zebras are rare ornamental animals. People sought their skin and meat and were hunted in large numbers. Grevy’s zebras are now on the verge of extinction.

Grevy's zebra statue

3.Bronze African Forest Elephant Statue

The main reason African elephants are endangered is the illegal wildlife trade that continues, especially to feed demand in Southeast Asia. Although poaching peaked in 2011, the practice has not stopped. Poaching is a threat to animals.

bronze elephant statue

(Source: Life Size Bronze Elephant Garden Statue)

4.Bronze Orangutan Tapanuli Statue

Due to large-scale palm tree plantation, Indonesia’s tropical rainforests have been cleared, leaving a large number of orangutans homeless. Over the past 20 years, Indonesia’s rainforest area has shrunk from 60,000 hectares to 10,000 hectares. Due to the disruption of the food chain, many orangutans living in the rainforest were either burned to death or starved to death.

orangutan tapanuli statue

5.Bronze Mountain Gorilla Statue

On September 3, 2007, a conflict between Laurent Nkunda and the Congolese army caused the mountain gorillas in Congo to lose their protection and face threats. In 2008, the American website “Live Science” rated mountain gorillas as one of the ten most endangered rare animal species in the world. They are at high risk of extinction due to habitat loss, hunting, human disease and war.

bronze gorilla garden statue

6.Bronze Sumatran Tiger Statue

There are less than 600 Sumatran tigers in the world, and their “only” and “last” habitat is the forests of Indonesia. Yet greedy palm oil and pulp companies are burning, clearing forests, and dumping sludge on a massive scale. Wetness in carbon lands leads to rapid loss of their habitat. The movements of Sumatran tigers that have been removed from their homes are restricted.

life size tiger statue for sale -YouFine Sculpture

(Source: Realistic Bronze Tiger statue Outdoor Decor)

7.Bronze Black Rhino Statue

For much of the 20th century, the black rhino was the most abundant rhino species in the world, until intensive poaching and land clearing for settlement and agriculture reduced its numbers. Over the next 30 years, large-scale poaching led to a sharp decline in 98% of rhino populations in all rhino habitat countries except South Africa and Namibia.

black rhino statue

8.Bronze Javan Rhino Statue

The Javan rhinoceros is the world’s most endangered large mammal. According to estimates in 2002, only about 60 individuals still exist, only distributed in Ujung Kulon National Park in the westernmost part of Indonesia, and the last wild individual in Vietnam was shot in 2010. Javan rhinos are also the least known of the rhino species and are primarily threatened by hunters poaching their horns.

Javan rhino statue

Why People Need Bronze Endangered Animal Statues

The presentation of bronze sculptures can more intuitively show people endangered animals, as if these animals are sending out a distress signal. It is also the most intuitive way to call on people to protect nature and live in harmony with nature.

bronze animals statue for outdoor

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