Outdoor Abstract Twins Bronze Fox Statue Garden Decor from Factory Supply BOKK-377

Outdoor Abstract Twins Bronze Fox Statue Garden Decor from Factory Supply BOKK-377

The bronze fox statue is a pair of twin little foxes. They are very cute. It is very suitable for decoration in some outdoor gardens. If you like this bronze fox statue, you could contact us at any time.
Item No: BOKK-377
Size: Customized Size
Material: Antique Bronze
Package: Strong Wooden Crate

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Bronze Fox Statue Introduction:

This bronze fox statue is a pair of twin little foxes. This sculpture is made of bronze with extremely high copper content. This is a relatively large sculpture, very suitable for outdoor gardens and other places. Of course, if you want a smaller one, we can also accept customization. We respect your preferences. Can make sculptures of the size you like for you. Our statue is abstract in style and very unique. If you like an abstract sculpture, you can’t miss it.

Outdoor Abstract Twins Bronze Fox Statue Garden Decor from Factory Supply BOKK-377

About Abstract Sculpture:

Of course, if this is your first contact with abstract sculpture and you don’t know enough about it, you can’t miss the following content. Abstract sculpture is a style that cannot be simply defined by tradition. Such sculptures often use simple lines to outline the characteristics of life. In most abstract sculptures, the biggest feature is often enlarged and exaggerated, and then the other parts are simply outlined.

garden fox statue

More Details:

Now let us take a closer look at this bronze fox statue. It fits the definition of abstract sculpture very well. In this sculpture, the tail and head of the little fox are very vivid. Especially the sculpture of the head is full of praise. The ignorant and ignorant expressions of the little foxes are portrayed vividly. The features of the fox’s face, ears, face, and hair are very expressive. Although this is not a realistic sculpture, it is very vivid. Abstract statues are also a very popular type of sculpture in recent years. The You Fine factory has received many orders for abstract sculptures. This shows that people are very fond of abstract sculptures.

fox sculpture garden

Other Services:

If you have any other concerns about this bronze fox statue, you can first contact us through the contact information we left on the page. Like packaging and transportation issues, you don’t need to worry about these. We are a sculpture factory established in the 20th century. Our sculptures have been exported for many years. We are familiar with various transportation channels. We also have a professional packaging method. In terms of quality, materials, and price. We have strict control over quality. Our price is also very affordable. Because we are factory direct sales.

bronze fox sculptureFox sculpture

If you have any questions, you can contact us. We are very happy to resolve your questions. You don’t need to worry about disturbing us. We look forward to hearing from you.

  • Bronze Foundry direct sales
  • One-stop Sculpture Project service
  • Provide personalized customized services
  • World-class artists
  • Provide professional packaging
  • Provide door-to-door delivery
  • Provide localized installation services
  • Visit customers from time to time

1. What are your prices?

Our prices are subject to change depending on the design, material, size, and other market factors. We will send you an updated price list after contact us for further information.

2. Do you have a minimum order quantity?

Yes, usually our minimum order is 1 piece. If you are looking to resell but in much smaller quantities, we recommend you check out our website.

3. Can you supply the relevant documentation?

Yes, we can provide most documentation including Certificates of origin; Insurance; and other export documents where required.

4. What is the average lead time?

For samples, the lead time is about 7 days. For mass production, the lead time is 30-45 days after receiving the deposit payment. The lead times become effective when (1) we have received your deposit, and (2) we have your final approval for your products. In all cases, we will try to accommodate your needs. In most cases, we are able to do so. If need to make a clay mold, it may need extra time about 30 days.

5. What kinds of payment methods do you accept?

You can make the payment to our bank account, Western Union or PayPal: 40% deposit in advance, 60% balance after you confirmed the products before shipping.

6. How do I check on my order status?

If you would like to check the status of your order, we encourage you to refer to your order confirmation where you will find the lead time for the items you ordered. Please note that the lead times reflected are approximate. Shipping transit times add one to three weeks to your lead time depending on the item shipping method used and destination.

In general, most items ship in 4-8 weeks depending on the complexity of the items, and take approximately 7-14 business days for delivery to you. Once your item has been shipped you will receive an email from us.

We are always here to answer any questions you might have. So please do not be hesitate to contact us.



  1. The interior is wrapped with thick soft foam and sponge;
  2. The outside is packed in standard 3cm wooden crates, and the connections are fixed with iron nails and iron sheets.
  3. The packaging method could also be selected according to your needs.


  1. The delivery methods are generally sea transportation, air transportation, and trains, with sea transportation being the main method. The actual delivery method could be selected according to your needs;
  2. The shipping ports are generally Dalian, Shanghai, Xiamen, and Tianjin, mainly Tianjin ports, or you could choose other closer ports according to your destination.
  3. For specific shipping costs, please consult our professional sales manager to give you a quote.
  4. The specific transportation time varies according to different destinations, please consult our professional sales manager.
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