How Much Does A Life Size Bronze Deer Statue Cost?

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A life-size bronze deer statue sells for approximately $1,500 to $3,900. But this is just a guide, there is no standard answer as to exactly how much you can spend on a life-size bronze deer statue, as it depends on many different factors. Factors such as the different designs, clay molds, craftsmanship, and foundry you choose will all affect the price of the sculpture. But this blog can help you understand the general price range and the factors that affect the price, which can be of great help when you choose a deer sculpture and supplier.


bronze deer family statues (1)
Family Bronze Four Deer Statues from YouFine USA Customer


Factors that Affect Price

There are many factors that affect the price of the life size bronze deer statue. Maybe these two deer look similar, but the prices of them may have a big difference. Next, let me introduce you to several important factors that affect the price.


The size of bronze deer is a key factor to affects the price of bronze deer, we all know, that the big size of bronze deer means that it will use more raw materials and take more time to make. The resulting rise in costs.
Small life-size bronze deer sculptures are probably a few hundred to a thousand dollars, and a large bronze animal is a few thousand or ten thousand dollars. The average size bronze deer costs $1,350 to $3,900. But it is just a reference.

2.Designs and Details

The complex or simple details are a key factor to affects the price of bronze deer. If there are many complexes on the bronze deer, it needs a top master to make it and the production will be extended. The more exquisite the master’s craft, the higher the hourly fee.


casting process


3 .Material Quality

The raw materials are the most important part of the cost. Some factories may want to save the cost and give them a low-price advantage, then will use the raw materials with low copper content. It will affect the oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, and surface gloss of bronze sculpture.
If a factory quotes you much lower than other factories, then I think you need to consider whether they cut corners.

4.Custom or Have a Model

You know, when making a wonderful life size bronze deer statue, to make sure it is realistic, the factory should make a 1:1 clay model. Then the cost includes the model fee. So if you have your own favorite design, the factory needs to make a clay model that just belongs to you. But when you choose a sculpture that factory has its clay model, the cost will be cheaper than custom-made sculptures, due to it saving the model fee.


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5.Traditional Technique and Silica Sol technique

Bronze deer sculptures produced by traditional casting technology will have white spots or green spots on the surface over time, affecting the beauty of the sculpture, and this effect is irreversible. Silica sol technology can effectively avoid this situation. However, some factories use traditional technology to save costs and attract customers at low prices.


6. Distributor and Manufacturer

There are two ways we could purchase the bronze deer, distributor and manufacturer. When you purchase it from the distributor, you will pay more money for it than from the manufacturer, that is for sure. The distributor buys them from the manufacturer and adds some profit to sell them to you.
So it is important to look for the source factory, which will save you money and get a hign-quality bronze deer.


Our factory- YouFine Sculpture


Where to Buy High-quality Bronze Deer Statues

YouFine has been a leading factory for 40 years since 1983 and is very specific in casting bronze deer. They have a professional designers team and invite the top master team to make bronze deer. The masters were all born in the land of sculpture, and have been making sculptures since childhood, with 20 years of experience in this area.
About the casting craft, they use the most advanced lost wax casting technique, in this way, The deer’s expression, hair, and muscles are very vivid and detailed.
YouFine is a direct factory, which could give you the best service and the lowest price.
If you are interested in life size bronze deer statue, the YouFine is the best choice!


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