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High Quality Bronze Horse Statue from Factory Supply BOKK-963

High Quality Bronze Horse Statue from Factory Supply BOKK-963

This is a high-quality bronze horse statue. This statue is highly realistic and meticulous in workmanship. If you need a horse statue like this, you can choose YouFine. YouFine is a factory direct sale that can give you the most affordable price.
Item No: BOKK-963
Size: Any Size You Want
Material: Bronze
Technique: Lost Wax Process
Insurance: Cover all the risk

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Bronze Horse Statue Introduction:

This bronze horse statue is highly realistic. We can see the tendons on this horse, which protrude as the hoofs are raised. The horse’s tail and hair on the top of the head are also very detailed. The horse’s muscles and hoofs are very realistic. Such vividly detailed horse statues need to be produced by highly skilled artists. Fortunately, YouFine has such a highly skilled artist team. We can guarantee 100% restoration.

antique bronze horse statue

Casting Process:

The casting process of this bronze horse statue is very complicated. There are more than thirty steps during this period. Each of these steps must be very rigorous. Before casting the bronze statue, it was the design of the statue and the making of the clay mold. Making mud molds is a very important step, it is the foundation of the entire statue. Only when the details of the clay mold are perfect can the subsequent horse statue come to life. After that, the silica sol process we adopted will reduce the occurrence of defects on the statue and extend the service life of the statue.

bronze horse statue

Artist’s Superb Skills:

YouFine’s bronze casting artists have superb skills, and each of them has their own strengths. Some artists are good at figure statues, some are good at abstract statues, and some are good at animal statues. The artist who made this horse statue has unique insights and techniques in the production of horse statues. He understands the characteristics of various types of horses, so the bronze horse statues he makes are very popular. Many customers cannot help but praise when they receive the sculptures.

horse statue bronze

Humanized Service:

YouFine is a factory that respects customers’ individual hobbies and needs. We treat customers to one-to-one service. We will have a professional salesperson responsible for the entire process from the beginning of your inquiry to the receipt of the sculpture. In the meantime, you have any questions about the sculpture or any things you want to change, they can help you solve them perfectly. The material, color, size, and some details of the sculpture can be customized according to your wishes.

high quality bronze horse statues

YouFine has always adhered to the customer first service concept, providing customers with the warmest service and the highest quality sculptures. Our boss is a person with extremely high-quality requirements, so YouFine’s sculptures must all be fine products.

large bronze horse statues

If you are also a person with high requirements for quality, I believe YouFine will be your best choice.


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