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bronze Feng Shui Statue Kirin Sculpture Qilin sculptures for sale

Material: Made of 100% pure bronze (lost wax)
Finish: High Polished Bronze
Height: Life size (35 ” tall)
Weight: 120 kg
Tech:Los-wax Tech

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Feng Shui sculpture is very important and popular in some individual housing. as we all known , we often saw many Gargoyles Statues , Foo dog statues, they are also one kind of FengShui Sculptures,Today we will share one kind of Popular Fengshui Statues :Kirin Sculpture( also named Qilin sculpture).

Qilin sculptures for sale

The pair of Qilin sculpture is for our client Mr David. they place the Kirin Sculpture in front of his big house and two sides of the big door. Mr David love the Chinese culture,and he want the Kirin Sculptures,and also like the accident foo dog statue, at last, he choose the kirin statues for his front door.

Kirin is an ancient Chinese mythical creature, and is said to have been shown to people before the coming of the Saints or eminent rulers. Chinese-style kylin has a lion’s head, mane and tail, antlers and deer hooves covered with a dragon scale.

we also made many other kind of wildlife sculptures, like horse sculptures, lion sculptures,bear sculptures ets. welcome to visit our bronze art gallery,



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