Bronze Fallen Soldier Memorial Statue Battle Cross Sculpture Military Statues Foundry

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This Fallen Soldier memorial statue is made of bronze and polished separately.this is a soldiers cross for outdoor memorial.

Measurements: The Fallen Soldier Memorial Statue measures 44″ tall (including the bronze base) and the base is 18″ wide and 22″ from front to back and 6 3/4″ high. However, we can mount this on a larger or smaller base as necessary. The height is 38″ tall from the bottom of the boots to the top of the helmet.

Let us mourn in silence to commemorate the brave warriors who ensure our freedom. This Battle Cross memorial sculpture features warrior boots, rifles, helmets and dog tags set on the pedestal. Inscribed on the pedestal is “the hero does not wear a cloak. They wear a dog tag.” This sculpture is a beautiful decoration and gift for military personnel and their families.
This is the exclusive series of YouFine Sculpture Foundry.

Bronze Fallen Soldier Memorial Statue Battle Cross Sculpture Military Statues Foundry

this sculpture is famous and be called “Fallen Soldier memorial statue” or “Battle Cross memorial sculpture”.This fallen soldier statues is a tribute to the sacrifices that soldier and their family have made for our freedoms.

Military Statues Fallen Soldier Memorial Statue Battle Cross Sculpture Foundry

We have done many military series of monuments for many military memorials, veterans’ homes, and families of sacrificial soldiers. this is Fallen soldier memorial statue is one popular design.

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