Bronze Custom Life Size Real Person Football Player Sculptures from Pictures for Outside

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This Custom Life Size Real Person Football Player Sculptures Height :200cm.(with the base)

Custom sculptures or commemorative sculptures made from miniature sizes to real or larger than actual sizes by seasoned sculptors.

Capture your favorite poses for yourself or a particular person. Like embossed or bust, character sculpture, custom real person sculpture, custom wildlife sculpture in bronze,our starting material is magical clay.

Custom Life Size Real Person from Pictures


We’ll show you the photos in progress and won’t stop until you’re completely satisfied. Many customers want to have a sculpture of their own! we accept any custom sculpture from pictures or photos,It captures special moments that other forms cannot achieve.

Life Size real person custom statue from Pictures Outdoor

do you want a custom statue from yourself in bronze?

Custom commemorative sculpture is the best way to remember the person you love.

Sculpture is cast with fiberglass resin and bronze. The final creations will be shipped anywhere in the world through professional packaging.

Order a custom figurative portrait from here.
Custom figurative sculpture for art Pricing depends on a variety of factors, such as size and material.


brass Life Size custom statue from Pictures for Outside

Send us a free quote for your photo. Our price for life-sized sculptural sculptures is incredibly competitive.

Imaginepife size height Similar metaphor sculpture in bronze under 10,000 dollars! Our delivery time is also the shortest on the market: from start to finish 3 months. Most competitors need at least 3 months to make bronze. This is uncompromising quality and we will spare no effort to show you the work in progress in order to seek your comments and feedback.
We’re not going to stop until you’re completely satisfied.

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