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bronze 8 foot horse statue black horse sculpture for outdoor

this large black horse sculpture size is height:8 feet , Length:9.8 feet, width: 2.3 feet.  and this black large horse statue  will be placed on the streets of the American client’s hometown.

Let’s take a look at this black horse statue, this adult black stallion is struggling. and the body lenght:300cm

life size large bronze horse sculpture outside

custom large black horse sculpture

The tail of 8 foot horse statue black horse sculpture is high and up, very powerful.

large black horse statue for outdoor

Capturing The Equine Spirit Art

Our masters have a deep understanding of the horses in all major regions of the world. At the same time, our clay masters have very unique insights into the body structure and facial expressions of different breeds of horses. They can make the expression of the horse look realistic. The performance is above the mud mold.


YouFine Art Foundry accept any custom made horse sculpture.and we have made many different kind of horse sculpture for the projects all over the world. for example ,the

Fell Pony Horse sculpture,

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Miniature Horse sculpture,

Paso Fino Horse sculpture ,

Icelandic Horse sculpture,

Arabian Horse sculpture,

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