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Life Size Custom Bronze Bear Sculpture for Sale BOKK-665

Media: Cast Bronze
Size:8 feet tall or customized
Tech: Lost-wax casting
Production Time:30 Days
Delivery Time:15-30 Days
Insurance: Cover all the risk
Advantage:Factory Direct;Door to Door Delivery

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This life-size Bronze Bear Sculpture is custom built for exterior or exterior custom bronze for the agency factory. This bronze bear sculpture is to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the school district.


life-size bronze bear sculpture


It has also completed the renovation of our beautiful high school stadium, which includes a pedestal that permanently displays the permanent monument of the golden mascot of our region.


life-size bronze bear sculpture


There are approximately 5,000 American black bears in New Hampshire. They are mainly omnivorous animals. Their diet includes nuts, berries, spring branches, honey, and fruit trees. They also eat carrion, especially in winter. These pups were born in January after 8 months of pregnancy. These cubs will live with their mother for 18 months. Black bears are very important to our ecosystem, from our American rituals to the precious “Teddy Bears”, we celebrate them throughout the culture.


life-size bronze bear sculpture


We specialize in creating custom Bronze Bear Sculpture and other animal sculptures for many gardens, parks and gardens. Through our Bronze Customization Committee, you will learn that you have chosen the best artists and foundries. Since we put a lot of time, effort and energy into your work, our bear statue will be taller than other bronze statues. We are proud to be able to create the best bronze monuments and bronze animal statues anywhere in the world.


life-size bronze cast bear statue


Our world-famous sculptors and artists have created the world’s best bronze animal statues. Icon Bronze is a company that begins to provide its customers with unparalleled attention to all aspects of the project. We see the need for a one-stop monument company where people can develop their ideas into beautiful masterpieces that they could be proud of.



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