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bronze eagle sculpture for garden

Beautiful Bronze Eagle Sculpture for Garden Art Decoration on Sale

This is a bronze eagle sculpture with wings outstretched ready to soar. The golden color makes the whole bronze eagle more imposing, so it is deeply loved by customers.
Model Number:BOK1-496
Size:Any Size You Want
Technique:Lost Wax Process
MOQ:1 Piece
Production Time:40-45 Days
Delivery Time:15-30 Days
Insurance: Cover all the risk
Advantage: Factory Direct; Door to Door Delivery

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Covered with feathers, this bronze eagle sculpture required a great deal of patience and skill from the carver. Its claws firmly grasp the value, as if it has found its prey and is ready to go. YouFine’s artists made the eagle’s wings very realistic. Each feather pays great patience and the feathers in different parts use different shades of color, which makes the whole bronze eagle sculpture more lifelike.

bronze eagle sculpture for garden

The Meaning of the Bronze Eagle Sculpture

The eagle is a symbol of pride and fortitude. The majesty, grandeur and masculinity of the cast bronze eagle is one of the most appealing spiritual elements, and it is a symbol of nobility and magnificence in aesthetics. In ancient Egypt, the seal of the Ptolemaic Dynasty and the logo of the Roman Empire army both used the image of an eagle. Currently, many countries still use the image of an eagle in their national flags or national emblems.

The eagle hovers from a high altitude in search of and finds its prey, and then swoops down at the fastest speed to slam the prey in its claws. Placing a bronze eagle sculpture in our life would tell us that to live a wonderful and meaningful life. It doesn’t matter if you linger for a long time, the key is to keep your eyes open, see your target clearly, and then attack the target at extreme speed.

bronze eagle sculpture(2)

It Could Be Placed in Different Places

Placing this beautiful bronze eagle sculpture in the garden could add vitality to the garden. It could also reflect your unique and advanced taste. When guests come to your home and see such an exquisite eagle sculpture, they would think that you are a person with broad vision.

bronze eagle sculpture(3)

It is also suitable to have a bronze eagle sculpture indoors as such a beautiful piece of art could make your house more beautiful. It could make your decoration more advanced, and people living in it would also be influenced by artworks and feel better.

bronze eagle sculpture 8

Superb Technique

YouFine has workers who specialize in making bronze eagle sculptures. They have learned since childhood and have a good understanding of the habits and movements of eagles. The bronze eagle sculptures they produced have been affirmed by customers, and they are still learning continuously, just to restore the real majestic appearance of eagles.

bronze eagle sculpture 9

If you are interested in bronze artwork, please contact us through the contact information below, YouFine would be happy to answer any questions about sculpture for you.


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